Fifth International Workshop on

Hybrid Systems Biology

Grenoble, France, October 20-21, 2016

Day 1 (Thursday, October 20th)

08h30 - 09h15 Registration
09h15 - 09h30 Opening
09h30 - 10h30 Invited Speaker: Dennis Bray, University of Cambridge
Protein Networks versus Microchips
10h30 - 11h00 Coffee break
11h00 - 12h30 Session 1: Model Simulation
11h00 - 11h30 Sucheendra K. Palaniappan, Matthieu Pichené, Gregory Batt, Eric Fabre and Blaise Genest,
A Look-ahead Simulation Algorithm for DBN Models of Biochemical Pathways
11h30 - 12h00 Mostafa Herajy and Monika Heiner, Accelerated Simulation of Hybrid Biological Models with Quasi-disjoint Deterministic and Stochastic Subnets
12h00 - 12h30 Thilo Krüger and Verena Wolf, Hybrid stochastic simulation of rule-based polymerization models
12h30 - 14h00 Lunch break
14h00 - 15h00 Invited Speaker: Guillaume Beslon, INSA-Lyon
Analyzing the past to understand the present: How evolution shapes biological systems?
15h00 - 15h30 Coffee break
15h30 - 17h00 Session 2: Model Analysis
15h30 - 16h00 Matej Hajnal, David Šafránek, Martin Demko, Samuel Pastva, Pavel Krejčí and Lubos Brim, Toward Modelling and Analysis of Transient and Sustained Behaviour of Signalling Pathways
16h30 - 16h30 Alexandre Rocca, Thao Dang, Eric Fanchon and Jean-Marc Moulis, Application of the Reachability Analysis for the Iron Homeostasis Study
16h30 - 17h00 Andreea Beica and Vincent Danos, Synchronous Balanced Analysis
17h00 - 18h00 Poster Session

Day 2 (Friday, October 21st)

09h30 - 10h30 Invited Speaker: Albert Goldbeter,
Modeling the cell cycle by differential equations and cellular automata
10h30 - 11h00 Coffee break
11h00 - 12h30 Session 3: Discrete and network modelling
11h00 - 11h30 Elisabetta De Maria, Alexandre Muzy, Daniel Gaffé, Annie Ressouche and Franck Grammont, Verification of Temporal Properties of Neuronal Archetypes Modeled as Synchronous Reactive Systems
11h30 - 12h00 Hugues Mandon, Stefan Haar and Loïc Paulevé, Relationship between the Reprogramming Determinants of Boolean Networks and their Interaction Graph
12h00 - 12h30 Hui Kong, Ezio Bartocci, Sergiy Bogomolov, Radu Grosu, Thomas Henzinger, Yu Jiang and Christian Schilling, Discrete Abstraction of Multiaffine Systems
12h30 - 14h00 Lunch break
14h00 - 15h00 Invited Speaker: Linda Petzold, University of California, Santa Barbara
Functional Network Inference of the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus
15h00 - 16h00 Session 4: Stochastic Modelling
15h00 - 15h30 Luca Bortolussi, Alberto Policriti and Simone Silvetti, Logic-based Multi-Objective Design of Chemical Reaction Networks
15h30 - 16h00 Eugenio Cinquemani, On observability and reconstruction of promoter activity statistics from reporter protein mean and variance profiles
16h00 - 18h00 Farewell Coffee and Poster Session